White, being a symbol of emotion and weakness, which will not be tolerated, is now banded in 45 of the 52 states……..

Chapter one

When your put under a truth serum nothing can stop you from spilling every moment of your life into the doctors hands. It’s rumored that some rare few
get away without their evaluation. These are all lies of course.

I had the same dream as always.I was in a room of all white, not the white that is in the text at school,solid and blank, but almost as though I had landed in a cloud. I’d wander the cloud with a lingering strange pain in my chest, not a painful one, but one that felt good and peaceful.

I woke up with the horror that I was actually feeling that pain in my chest. Demetrius was their almost instantly. She bent over me in prayer and lit her strange plants spreading distasteful smoke through the room. Her hands are shaking and I can see her struggle between pity and fear. I’ve seen it many times before.

She sat by my side for a while and wept as I tried to wrap my head around these dreams. I glance at her, made a choice and retrieved my Oproeper. After a moment of Demetrius screaming at me in Greek I bend down and whisper “well no one must know” and hurriedly grabbed my things and leave.

On my way out I stopped at the bathroom. As I walked in the cold mirror showed a girl in pieces. I picked her together with a stick of eyeliner and puff of black eyeshadow. My almost clear colored eyes still look foggy. I leave the bathroom only to hear Demetrius’s screams as Lilith tears out her eyes. I cover my mouth with a black cloth and leave the therapist’s office.


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